Kickstarter Yay: Pico C Craft Brewery + PicoStill

About a month ago I was on the fence about my impulse Kickstarter backing of the Pico C Brew system. I even implied that I was probably going to cancel my pledge on the final day of funding so some lucky SOB can get it at the Early Bird Pricing. That idea has left my mind and I have settled on keeping the pledge for both personal enjoyment and the purposes of this blog. 

The idea of a desktop brewing system is ludicrously amazing. The fact that I can have one for less than $300 is even crazier! The feature that pushed me over the edge was the ability to add dry hopping to my brews with the affordable PicoStill. As the company explains on the official Pico C Kickstarter page: 

PicoStill is a first-of-its-kind, patent-pending distilling attachment that is compatible with the Pico® brewing appliance. PicoStill is a gorgeous accessory topped with a sleek copper distilling coil and clear glass infusion chamber that fits over the Pico C Keg and can be used to distill hop oil, water, and essential oils. (Of course, with proper licenses and permits, the PicoStill can be used to distill delicious spirits as well).
— PicoBrew Inc.

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to attempt to distill my own liquor, because that is illegal without the right permits. However, the ability to dry hop will take some of my creations to a whole other level that I never imagined I could do on such a micro scale in my own damn kitchen. The downside? To add on this incredible device was an extra $170...although they know how to market this shit to me so well by stating the MSRP for the device after the crowdfunding ends will be $349. So I feel like I'm getting a good deal, and they are still getting an extra $170 out of me. Just Shut Up and Take My Money!

For close friends, this means I'll be inviting you over once a month to taste my concoctions along with potential dry hops added into the mix! Probably/possibly a game or two of Secret Hitler. For my readers, this means you'll be reading my thoughts on the updates from the PicoBrew Inc company. They have a pretty strong track record of delivering hardware: they've successfully shipped out three different Kickstarter products. Its slated to be delivered by August of 2017. I have a feeling I'll be lucky if I get it by February of next year. Cheers to hoping that I'm wrong!