Pearl Harbor Day: An Update on Beer and Life

Hello Fellow Drinkers and Moviegoers,

Wow. It has been a minute. Or hour. Or day, month, etc. Life became busy and the idea of spending time writing about stuff I love and care about seemed like a daunting task. I'm happy to announce I've been freed from slightly unneeded tasks and have more time to dedicate to my creative endeavors. While there may only be a couple hundred readers of my words, it is important for me to get my ideas out there as I continue to grow personally and in my career. 

All of that out of the way, I will be having updates that I'll link to in subsequent posts. Most notably: I reached 1,000 unique beers on Untappd a few days ago. If you remember my post about reaching 1,000 beers on Untappd before August, I missed my goal by a little bit of time. However, a little late is better than never as my Grandma used to say. With the journey of "checking in" and drinking the 200+ beers over the months came many laughs and unlocking of new and unique flavor profiles that I didn't even know I was into. I'll have posts regarding these good times and beers in the coming weeks.

Another exciting thing I've wanted to share with you was my ultimate decision to stick with my pledge towards Pico C on Kickstarter.  The campaign was one that generally went off without a hitch. They delivered a product that I've used several times to make yummy kombucha and pilsners. I plan to put up a little "how to" video alongside my review in the future as I plan out the long term content strategy for this site. 

Thank you for your patience and continued interest over the months. I've enjoyed the emails of suggestions of beer pairings and movies. Please comment on this post of other fun suggestions or feel free to email me 

Until next time, cheers!