Yet Another Movie (And Beer) Review Website!

Howdy Beer & Movie Lovers of the Internet,

I'm really excited to announce here that my new project "Beers and Movies" or B&M for short. Here I will be focusing on my two favorite things on this planet: beers and movies. It is a simple concept that hasn't been explored the way in which I want to. I plan on doing weekly reviews of movies (and/or) beer. Neither of which has to be new, but for relevancy sake I imagine that my reviews will skew in the "new release" section of Fandango, or "Seasonal Release" from your local bottle shop.

Me Untapping some brews when my beard was a little wild!

Me Untapping some brews when my beard was a little wild!

What makes me qualified to critique movies or beer? Other than being a huge fan of both, I've studied both in detail: I've taken several film writing courses over the year, co-written my own scripts and generally sleep & breathe industry news. In terms of Beer- I've home brewed several dozen batches of beer over the years ranging from Imperial IPAs to Coffee Porters. Ultimately my home brew experiments- which I'll periodically write about- were a success and made my love for my favorite "adult soda pop" grow even more. Another fun qualifier to critique beer: as it stands in April of 2017 I have Untappd over 700 unique beers in the last couple years...unfortunately I've been lazy the last year or so but I plan to get back on the horse and make that hobby a priority again.  If you're ever curious on where I'm on in my adventure on that site, you can find me at Jakehawk01.

As this website evolves I plan on interviewing industry experts..writers, producers, brewmasters, etc. woven into this little experiment of mine. If you have suggestions on beer or films, please feel free to write it in the comment section below. I believe beers and movies are a perfect pairing, so let's sit back and take a sip, relax and enjoy the show!