Pearl Harbor Day: An Update on Beer and Life

Hello Fellow Drinkers and Moviegoers,

Wow. It has been a minute. Or hour. Or day, month, etc. Life became busy and the idea of spending time writing about stuff I love and care about seemed like a daunting task. I'm happy to announce I've been freed from slightly unneeded tasks and have more time to dedicate to my creative endeavors. While there may only be a couple hundred readers of my words, it is important for me to get my ideas out there as I continue to grow personally and in my career. 

All of that out of the way, I will be having updates that I'll link to in subsequent posts. Most notably: I reached 1,000 unique beers on Untappd a few days ago. If you remember my post about reaching 1,000 beers on Untappd before August, I missed my goal by a little bit of time. However, a little late is better than never as my Grandma used to say. With the journey of "checking in" and drinking the 200+ beers over the months came many laughs and unlocking of new and unique flavor profiles that I didn't even know I was into. I'll have posts regarding these good times and beers in the coming weeks.

Another exciting thing I've wanted to share with you was my ultimate decision to stick with my pledge towards Pico C on Kickstarter.  The campaign was one that generally went off without a hitch. They delivered a product that I've used several times to make yummy kombucha and pilsners. I plan to put up a little "how to" video alongside my review in the future as I plan out the long term content strategy for this site. 

Thank you for your patience and continued interest over the months. I've enjoyed the emails of suggestions of beer pairings and movies. Please comment on this post of other fun suggestions or feel free to email me 

Until next time, cheers!

PDX Summer Beerfests 2017: Reaching 1,000 Beers on Untappd

Sure, anybody can lose weight or make a ton of money in the summer. But how many of us can attain beer glory in a few short months? With Beerfest season officially starting here in Portland, I plan to reach 1,000 beers on untappd before August 8th, 2017!

I started my Untappd account on August 8th, 2013 in preparation of a buddy's bachelor party. Now, almost 4 years later I plan on achieving a life long (4 year) dream of drinking 1000 beers according to a stupid app. I can almost assure you I've probably had double if not triple the amount that I've logged into the app. Even with me being super attentive about it, sometimes alcohol + remembering to do something isn't always a good mix. With the ability to drink up to 10 different beers per festival (maybe even more)  plus my own extracurricular activities, I think I can achieve this goal. In preparation of this ground breaking task, I ask you to follow me on untappd here if you want, and maybe join me for the handful of brew festivals I plan on attending this year around town! I'm sure there will be more. My kitchen cupboards can't hold anymore festival cups..but #yolo.

1. Pints in the Pearl - Saturday Jun 3rd 2017, 12-9pm NW 13th & Davis - If you're looking for a real "brewer's brew festival" with a little bit of a upscale vibe, look no further than Pints in the Pearl. The Pearl used to be Portland's industrial area; a renaissance happened upon the NW district of the city and art galleries, tech start ups, beautiful parks, upscale restaurants, the best vacation rental property management company, and tasty breweries now call the place home.

2. Portland's Fruit Beer Festival - Saturday & Sunday June 10th & 11th 2017, 11am, Burnside Brewing - This one holds a place in my heart as I remember it being one of my first Beer Festivals I attended when I moved to Portland. It has grown over the years but still has an awesome selection of fruit beers and ciders. Definitely check it out if you're looking to quench your thirst from that Portland summer heat.

3. Puckerfest - July 18th 2017, 12pm, Belmont Station - Now in its 11th year of puckery goodness, this beer fest is a celebration of all things sour! So rest that face for a puckin good time! I'll be in the back trying to hide the weird face I make when things are too sour to handle. But damn, do I love me a solid Kriek...speaking of Krieks..

4. Kriekfest - June 24th 2017, Solera Brewing near Hood River - Choose from 30 cherry beers & ciders as your taste buds dance to the beat of the Cherry Drum. I actually will be out of town for this one...but in spirit, I'll be with you all.

5. Portland Craft Beer Festival - June 30-July 2nd, 2017 The Fields Neighborhood Park in the Pearl - Another brewery in NW Portland?!? Are you noticing a trend? This is a great time for Portland Breweries to come together to really showcase what they are all about. The festival has made it or broke it for some of my taste buds. I won't name names...but if you screw up during PCBF I probably am not gonna visit your brewery.

What do ya'll think? Am I gonna make it to 1K? I'm skipping over the big festivals because a. I'll probably write about them in more detail later and b. this already took 15 minutes longer than I planned on for it to take to write. Comment or follow me on untappd/twitter @jakehawk01. Cheers!