Avengers: An Infinite War With My Time

When it was announced that the newest Marvel Studios movie Avengers: Infinity War would have the longest run time out of all of their films, I let loose a massive eye roll that may have turned into a yawn. Clocking in at 2 hours and 40 minutes, the movie is still shorter than Titanic, but only by about 40 minutes. Remember having to watch that movie pre-streaming days? Double VHS feature - the eleven year old version of me had to be committed to seeing my first nude scene in a movie. Thanks Jimmy C! Alas, this point of commitment becomes the root of why I'm worried about the length of this movie: without the promise of a nude scene, will I be able to endure & enjoy this movie? 

At 4.83 Seinfeld episodes in length, you need a lot of characters to fill your time!

Growing up, when we would go on long road trips my little sister would ask my dad how much longer until we were to our destination. My father, who would almost always have an episode of Seinfeld on at night, answered the question in a way my 7 year old sister could understand- in the length of Seinfeld episodes. Since an average run time of the show was 30 minutes with commercials, my dad would divide however many hours we were away from our destination by 30 minutes. "We are about 2.5 episodes of Seinfeld away from the beach!" At 2 hours and 40 minutes, that's 4.833 episodes of Seinfeld. When I check my phone 

To answer the question of can I endure the length of this movie without nudity - I'm obviously being facetious. I'm no longer eleven years old; I don't tell time in Seinfeld episode duration and I don't need Leo awkwardly painting a nude. I can honestly say I've seen every single Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie that has lead up to this and am extremely excited for Infinity War. I won't say I've enjoyed them all, I considered compiling a movie ranking list but who am I to pass judgement on all these moving parts? What the MCU has accomplished in the 10 years since their first film with Iron Man in 2008 is awe inspiring. 

From 2008 until 2018 the MCU has consisted of 18 full feature films that have grossed $14.8 billion dollars globally. The sheer amount of eyeballs that have seen all of these men (more women coming soon!) in tights is astounding. The characters, plots, locations all interwoven into a tapestry that makes sense (mostly). 

All of this is to say, you know what people? I could spend my time watching 4.83 Seinfeld episodes in a row...or I could buckle up for the ride and allow the Avengers to battle it out for Infinity.