A Few Questions To Ponder...

Are you still angry that IPAs rule the beer world? Or are you convinced that IPAs aren't just a fad, but a way of life?

What the hell is a jiggawatt? Did the top at the end of Inception start to wobble? If it stopped spinning is Christopher Nolan suggesting that this reality is all actually a dream? 

What is the meaning of life? Can it be answered on a website? Let's find out.

How Beers and Movies Began

Let me tell you a little bit about me. I'm Jacob. I currently reside in Portland, OR working as a digital marketing strategist. During my leisure time I've found myself restless and stagnant; I love beer and I love movies. How could I combine the two? Well I could check if the domain beersandmovies.com was taken. It wasn't! But now what?

What Beers and Movies Will Do

Beers and Movies is a new site that aims to tackle two of life's most enjoyable past times. This idea will manifest itself into a host of content for my readers:

  • Beer & Brewery Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • (Hopefully) Funny Themed Articles that delve into how beer is utilized in popular culture and vice versa
  • Interviews with professionals from both industries
  • Beer recipes & adventures
  • Beer Gadget Reviews
  • Script writing prompts/insights
  • Vlogs and Blogs and photos of delicious beer from around the world
  • And Much more!

I'd love input from my readers of what you'd like to read and see! Maybe you know of a new brewery in town (or work at one) or are working on an independent film. Please reach out to me directly at beersandmovies@gmail.com. Be jealous of the amount of my Untappd Badges at Jakehawk01. Twitter is the same handle. I need to unify them all with one name but as it stands my Instagram is jacobhoc. Cheers!